User's manual

Preparation :

1.    Use a trigger sprayer bottle, available at garden centers, or use an empty household sprayer and rinse it thoroughly.
2.    Add 100 to 150 ml (3.5 to 5 fl oz) of water to the spray bottle.
3.    Using a sharp tool, open a packet of BLUESTAR® tablets at the last minute and add the two tablets (one white and one beige).
4.    Screw the sprayer onto the bottle and swirl gently until the tablets are completely dissolved. This operation will take a few minutes. When the tablets are dissolved, the resulting solution will be usable for a few hours.
5.    Check by pressing the sprayer trigger the proper spray of the BLUESTAR®. Adjust the spray if the spray nozzle is adjustable.

Use :

When in contact with the excrements of bedbugs, BLUESTAR®  causes, a luminous chemical reaction visible in the dark without special lighting. BLUESTAR® is extremely sensitive. The slightest trace, even totally invisible or washed away, will trigger the reaction.

Pay attention to light sources:

Darken the room, close shutters, curtains, and doors. Turn off all lights. You can use a flashlight to guide you in the dark, but do not forget to turn it off before spraying BLUESTAR®. The reaction is visible under all low light conditions, but especially in the dark. Any light can prevent you from seeing the reaction of BLUESTAR®.

Identifying the luminescence:

BlueStar® can also produce light reactions in the absence of bed bug excreta. This reaction, called false positive, will occur in contact with certain acrylic paints, varnishes, chlorinated products, etc ... This light reaction is however very different from the reaction that BlueStar® produces in contact with the excrements of bed bugs, the latter being significantly brighter and more "blue". In addition, the reaction in contact with bedbug excrement is instantaneous whereas a false positive will appear more slowly. Finally, a false positive will give the impression of a white veil, like snow. With a little training, you will not be able to mix up a reaction on bedbug excrement with a false positive.
Be careful not to get any product in your eyes or anyone else's.

Use for the detection of bed bug excrement only.
For criminal investigations, use BLUESTAR® Forensic.

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